Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Yesterday was my first day of interviews (at temp agencies). The first one was great, the recruiter was easy going and pretty funny, though we had a little red sox/yankees rivalry. It seems that in a few days I should be receiving a call from them, hopefully. After that I ran into the city for a walk-in interview because this company said they took walk-ins from 9 am- 12 pm. Well I hustled and got there within 10 min, huzzah! Until I went inside....The office was kind of grungy and this lady ushered me over to her desk. She asked me what I wanted to do as she poured over my resume and I told her I wanted office experience. She looks at me and asks "do you have any?" I say no and she immediately says, "well, you'll have to completely rewrite your resume to show the office experience you have." I plainly said to her "I don't have any," what does she want me to do, make it up? So I left, gladly.

The next three hours were spent on an adventure trying to find a good briefcase. You would think in New York City you could find anything you wanted...not so. It's not that easy, either. Every place I went i'd ask someone where they knew of a store that sold them and each person would give me a place, like a little treasure hunt. After walking over 20 blocks in the heat with pointy shoes I decided to call it a day and somehow managed to drag my butt a few blocks to the PATH station. (the end result? Many blisters and I bought the bag on that night)

While I remember this now, when I was getting lunch I asked the woman at the register to give me a copy of the receipt. She said to me "you don't need a receipt." I said EXCUSE ME?!?! and then she fished it out of the machine. Thanks lady for telling me what I do and do not need in my life.

My brother arrived home yesterday, and we were all glad to see him. Now that he's back Kat is ok to go into labor :)

Today will be a quieter day, I'll be working on my excel skills and applying to more jobs. Thus it continues.

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