Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The first few days in Italy


Well, what an interesting couple of days! I left saturday evening and took a red-eye to zurich. I ended up sitting next to a conductor (small world eh?) and had the best seats in the house other than first class. The exit row has ever comfort except when people are waiting for the bathroom they eiter step into your legroom or put their butt in your face which most likely has a lot of gas build-up. After 7 hours we finally arrived. Then i was supposed to fly from zurich to florence however there was too much wind in florence and just before we were going to land we went back up into the sky. We were all a little confused but we ended up flying to Pisa.I did get a glimpse of Florence and of course it was beautiful. Trying to stick with my original plan I was on the train platform waiting for the train to the main station in florence, but quickly realized that I was actually closer and hopped on a train bound for Rome that stopped in Orbetello. While I was minding my own business ont eh train all of a sudden it started raining grey water in my lap and all over my books for that matter. It was from the light above me which was gross so I quickly dodged out of the way. My host met me at the train station in Orbetello and we had a wonderful dinner at home- pasta, rabbit, prosciutto e melone and then....gelato! There is another woman staying there as well but she goes to a different school in town. We walked around the town center and on the water (the laguna). We speak only italian at home and at school so i'm trying to keep up. Last night at dinner i said something that was quite embarrassing. We were talking about food being natural and i was trying to say it lacked preservatives...however....preservatives in italian means...CONDOMS! so everyone had a great laugh at my expense. Alora....

Yesterday was my second day and i'm already speaking much better and understanding more. In the mornings Haike (the other student living with me, and no she's not asian, she's swiss) and I have a huge cup of coffee (as big as a soup bowl if not bigger) and some crackers, butter and prune jam our host Paola made herself. Last night we went to the beautiful town of Pitigliano. It looks like venice but without the water....it also is one of the major Jewish cities in italy...awesome!! We then went to the baths in Saturnia. They were sulpherous, a little smelly, but natural and relaxing.

Please check out all my pictures I posted on facebook through photobucket. More later!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bon Voyage

Hey there!

I know I haven't posted in over 6 months and there are many things that have happened, but to save you all from long stories i'm going to start back in again from where I am now. The main event is that i'm setting off for Italy in 2 days for an entire month! I will be in the Tuscany region splitting my time between 2 places, Orbetello and Florence. You ask why a small town? Well, i'm trying to immerse myself in the italian language and culture and what better way to do that then by staying in a small town, where most likely most people don't speak english. Florence is a nice bonus though, part of the language school package. I plan on documenting my journey over there with posts and pictures here so stay tuned for updates!