Monday, July 4, 2011


Well, I had my first full day in Florence. Aside from waking up late and getting lost finding the school class went well. It was the first day of the session so nothing crazy, but tomorrow we'll be split up into groups. Most likely i'll be in a higher conversation class and a middle grammar class. While I was walking home I saw something I don't think I'll forget anytime soon. In a small car driving down the street there was a nun inside fanning herself from the heat.

After a nice nap I explored the downtown area of the city for a few hours ducking into many shops, though I didn't buy anything. I went into 2 shops where I had a full on conversation with the store owner and they were both surprised at how well I could speak. Yay, It's actually working! At the gelato shop the guy immediately spoke to me in English and I told him (of course, in Italian) to speak Italian please. not too shabby. When it started to rain I made my way back home, quite a walk, probably a good 15-20 min. Everything has been quiet since i've been back, sang a little, made a dinner of pasta (what else?) and relaxed. Tomorrow I plan on going to see something, though i'm not sure what that something is.

I like Florence, but there are a LOT of tourists. Too many near all the main shops, but it's funny how quickly it becomes just you walking down a side road. I stumbled upon the ponte vecchio though to me Venice and the Rialto stands out more in my mind than this. It's pretty from afar but there are just crazy jewelry shops with too many people running around. I'm excited to see some sculptures though. Architecture and sculptures are my favorite. Oh yes, and hopefully I'll make it to services this friday night!

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